Debra Montgomery, Movement Mortgage   debra.montgomery@movementmortgage.com   206-769-6241

Our clients have been working with Debra for years.  Debra is a true advocate for buyers, and she always delivers. Honest and hard working. Great rates and no junk fees. 


Cindy Benedict & Joline Fullwiler, Best Escrow llc.   www.bestescrowllc.com   cindyb@bestescrowllc.com   206-937-5500

We can't speak highly enough of this escrow company and how they go beyond expectations to stay on top of a transaction to get it closed. All escrows are not alike. Excellent!

Jordan Hecker   Hecker, Wakefield & Feilberg, P.S.  www.heckerwakefield.com 206-447-1900

Trustworthy Escrow and Real Estate Attorney 

Home Inspection

Devin Lehmann, Pillar to Post   devin.lehmann@pillartopost.com   206-933-1151

Has a thorough, dogged style of inspecting every element of a property.  Devin understands the client is his customer and does a great job of explaining what he discovers during an inspection and what needs to be remedied.  

Gary Mosely, Southwest Services   206-935-9240

Gary brings years of contractor experience to the inspection of any property. He will not miss possible problems.

Title Company

Chicago Title Unit 4 Seattle   206-628-5600

Exceptional service. Capable of handling any problems that might come up in a transaction. 


Andrew Finch  Finch Design & Production  andrew@finchlikethebird.com   206-633-1333  

Andrew is a true artist.  His designs are world class and he's a wonderful person to work with on projects.  A great listener and exceptional talent.  


Steve Peterson   206-459-6858

A talented craftsman. Great with wood and major remodels. 

Jacob Shelland   Home Prep Services  jacobshelland@gmail.com   206-817-5434

Jacob's a skilled contractor with experience working on Paul Allen's Estate. Jacob helps sellers/buyers focus on what repairs or improvements need to be addressed on a property- everything from remodeling to painting.


John Wilbanks, John W. Wilbanks Photography   www.jwphoto.com   john@jwphoto.com   206-459-4085

John's the best real estate photographer, period.  Fun to work with, reliable, and talented.  


Ryan Reese   Reese Films  www.reesefilms.com   425-698-942

Ryan is a super sharp and talented guy.  Love working with him- on the cutting edge of what's new and possible in video. 


Ali Bassett, Pacific Home Staging and Design   alibassett@comcast.net   206-295-0985  

Ali has a unique and different design style that will improve any listing's appeal.  We love working with her, and clients are always impressed with her designs. 

John Rosechelli, Rosechelli Design   www.rosechellidesign.com   learn@rosechellidesign.com   206-682-4100

John is the preeminent stager in the King County Real Estate market.  John's great to work with, a beautiful designer, and has an enormous array of unique pieces to use in his staging. 

Interior Design

Jennifer Randall and Associates   206-323-1520 

An accomplished designer with a true understanding of space.  She truly listens and works with the owners ideas and dreams.  


Mike Cunningham, New Life Plumbing   pianomike1@gmail.com   206-484-2787

Honest and hard working, Mike has a high standard of customer service.

Hardwood Floors

Thang, Premier Hardwood Floors   thang.premier@yahoo.com   206-713-9775

Years of experience and fair pricing. Thang is honest and knowledgable. A family business, clients are always happy with their work.

Roof Installation and Repair

Dirk @ R&K Construction  206-409-7478 

Reasonable and experienced. 


MIke Petelle, Sewer Friendly   www.sewerfriendly.com  206-890-7478

A company and owner that truly stands behind their work, with knowledge, respect and honest hard work. Great company!

Oil Tanks

Tom Wise, Tankwise  206-937-3995 

Years of experience, they will locate, repair, remove/replace an oil tank.   


White Center Glass  206-762-8088

Awesome small company, they will not disappoint. They do a good job with reasonable pricing.

Moving Help

Just Like Daughters  206-714-3678

Great with Estates.  Very helpful in sorting through a life of stuff and extremely considerate.       


Rick, Moving Link   425-882-7882 

This company helps owner's custom their move. They consolidate multiple bids from different moving companies.            

Furnace Repair and Installation

Jeff Jewett, West Seattle Heating and Air   206-795-4677

Experienced and honest.  Repairs when needed and replaces only when necessary.

Geo Tech Company

Paul Stolenberg, The Galli Group  206-525-5097

Experienced and knowledgeable.  Evaluates a site in a practical and thorough manner.

Concrete Work

Al Lind  206-941-1777

Very capable of evaluating minor foundation issues, retaining walls, etc.  Fair pricing.           

Mason Work

Larry Beuhler  206-938-8318

Does a solid job for reasonable price. 


Miguel Quintero  425-344-3581

Comes with excellent recommendations from multiple clients.