What makes them different?

Susan and Kevin have succeeded through all the changing markets and have literally closed every type of transaction possible.  They're patient, hard working and simply see opportunities or potential pitfalls that others may miss.  


The Process


As a potential buyer, you'll first need to decide on your financing options.  If you plan on getting a loan for your purchase, you'll want to contact a respected mortgage lender and find out what price range you are qualified to buy, and review the current rates and lending terms.  It isn't always about how high you can go, but rather your comfort zone with a mortgage payment, and the costs associated with your new investment- i.e. taxes and homeowners insurance.

They will help you compare good faith estimates from several lenders.  They recommend getting at least three for comparison, and then have you sit down with the one you feel most comfortable working with to get pre-approved for your loan.


Susan and Kevin believe that location, the one feature of a property that can never change, and is of paramount importance.  They're great familiarity with Seattle's diverse neighborhoods and surrounding areas enable them to help determine whether a particular location is right for you.